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Now Launching Our Cricket Frass!

We're a very focused group of cricket ranchers. Our mission was to improve the yield of our crickets per box - to enable us to help other farmers on the same mission to stock their own ranches. It became increasingly obvious how much frass these crickets produce when we woke up one morning and saw we had over 1,000 pounds of it ready for sale. 

Our focus shifted to the frass. 1,000 pounds is a lot of frass to get prepped for order. We needed to inspect, sort and package all of it for sale. That led us to build our very own sorting table - which we held a naming competition on The Cricket Ranch Instagram channel. We're now the proud owners and operators of the "Super Sh** Shaker" thanks to user @beckynski! 

The NPK value for this insect frass product is 2.8 - 1.2 - 0.9, a very balanced yet Nitrogen rich blend that will provide great growth, fortification and secondary metabolism in your plants. Stay tuned for more articles about using Frass in different applications!

We are in full gear sorting and packaging - and we only have a fixed supply each week - so once it's gone you have to wait for the next round! 




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