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Buying Live Crickets in Bozeman

You own a lizard, reptile or even a spider as a pet. Maybe you're looking to expand your culinary expertise in the insect realm. Regardless the reason, we've got the crickets you need at a price friendlier than the big box stores.

We are the lead cricket farm for the Cowboy Cricket Farms partner farmer network, and we'd like to give back to the local community where we can. Every Tuesday morning from 9AM to Noon, we will be at our location ready to fill your live cricket needs by appointment only!

If you've been buying from the local "big box" stores, you know that even a few dozen crickets each week adds up to BIG numbers. We have seen prices at $0.15 per head, while the box containing them is filled with 75% dead crickets or more. Not cool.

Our crickets are raised for human consumption, which means you and your pets will be eating the highest quality crickets raised from birth to be as high as possible in protein, calcium and omega-3's. If you're eating them yourself, it is a complete protein source that can be baked, cooked or eaten live and fresh (see our Instagram video here)

You can pre-order your live crickets by dropping us a note on our contact form with your cricket size/age and amount request. We can take credit and debit cards on-site, as well as cash. All crickets are sold by the 50, please contact us for current pricing! We ALWAYS beat the local big-box store prices.

Let's get chirpin' Bozeman!

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