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Chapulín Cookies

Coming soon! Gricha vanilla cookies directly from Mexico, chock full of healthy protein!

It's Planting Season

Give your plants a natural BOOST this year with our insect frass!

It's Frass Time!

Sustainability + Quality

At TCR we are building a sustainable future by reducing the footprint required to provide protein to our population.

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Welcome To The Ranch

Our goal at The Cricket Ranch is to grow a high quality cricket for human and pet consumption. Part of doing that properly is being conscious of the environment and our impact on it. All of our crickets are raised in enclosures that contain reusable items that will endure for many years, or can be composted after their lifespan with us. 

Each item we sell is guaranteed to do it's part to help your plants grow (frass) - your crickets grow (feed) - or you and your pets grow (live crickets). Yes! You can eat our crickets, your reptile pals can too! 

For more information about what we're up to, subscribe to our newsletter below. We are constantly testing new ways to eat crickets, and to utilize their precious waste for the betterment of our environment and agriculture.


A Quick Glance

The Cricket Ranch

We Go Vertical!

Our team has lived all over the world, and part of developing a sustainable farm for crickets, is to reduce our land use footprint as well. We build our "ranch" to be vertical, not only to save actual ground space, but to reduce the impact of utilities to heat or cool a huge footprint.

Aim For Zero

Everything we use in our farm has either a long lifecycle, with recyclable materials when it's done - or is post consumer recycled recyclable material. 

Not only that - but most of our "waste" that can't be recycled can be used as a substrate for worm farms or composted! Need some? 

Zero Waste Products


We're in Bozeman!

Looking for bulk Insect Frass Fertilizers in the Bozeman area? Contact Us for a Pickup!

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